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Liores Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Corked Bags

Veronica Felipe

Posted on August 24 2018

At Liores Premium cork, we go out of our way to complete a sustainable promise and among all the products, that are bought, there are those that have fit our message perfectly. According to those that shopped at Liores, here are the top five environmentally friendly corked bags.

  1. Liore's Vegan Cork Tote Bag $228.00

The Liore’s Vegan Cork Tote Bag is so easily attractive and it offers surprisingly a great amount of space. Coming from other designer bags, the Liores Vegan Cork Tote Bag is dedicated to living on the bohemian side of life. It is a fearless tote that has it all!

  1.         Liore's Premium Cork High Quality Vegan Shoulder       Bag $174.00

           The Liore’s Premium Cork High Quality Vegan Shoulder Bag is a  glowing bag that can carry all the essentials that life has to offer. You can even feel assured that by carrying this bag, it will get you noticed rather quickly.

  1.       Liore's Premium Cork Fashionable Handmade Crossbody Bag $156.00

              By owning a true staple that is a cross body bag is the most fortunate thing that anyone can use. Not only does the Liore’s Premium Cork Fashionable Handmade Crossbody bag is traditional but is very popular with those who want style and accessibility.

  1.      Vegan Cork Handbag For Women $138.00

          The Vegan Cork Handbag for Women has continued on being an affordable and refined  bag that comes in three colors. It can pass as the most efficient and most extraordinary Bag that not helps the environment but enlightens the stylistic soul.

   5    Liore's Vegan Cork Handbag (Round Design) $192.00

        It not only comes in a great round shape design, but comes in different hues. This vegan bag sets the standard of excellence and empowers those who wants to own something  A little something Special.

            With these bags, you will not only set on one material, the material being cork but also  carry the message that sustainable fashion is here to stay and will make a world of  difference. Changing the minds of the powerful and making it alright to change the Whole world of fashion design one cork at a time.  



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