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Millennials Choose Cork Bags Over Leather

Veronica Felipe

Posted on August 30 2018

            Some say that there is not such a thing as reliable sustainable fashion, however where you are looking isn’t exactly the place millennials are retreating to when it comes to making an environmental statement. They are achieving this by using the only accessory in the world worth buying and saving, cork. There so many suitable places to take a cork accessory at that there seems to be an endless row of millennials who are showing off these duds and oozing  that that seems to share in the exact measure of this world, the humanity side.

          It can get harder and harder to save the world these days, however many have purchased and donated in goods that seem to solve today’s problems, which involves the future of our planet. Many can contend that there is an ongoing earth battle and the contemporary cities of our creatures seemed to be spared. We can explore the most amazing materials out there. Those that shape our world and those that sensible people would call the fruits of the earth.

        It can be seen distinctly on the map as the force of our own good. We can see that there is a miracle occurring everyday with these earth materials, cork is one that welcomes our hearts and our minds. To find that specific valor, millennials are pushing for more sustainable choices when it comes to sustainable fashion. Cork seems to message this generation’s exact concerns. It causes an extra strength of earth justice and creativity,

       Millennials are beginning to see that a person doesn’t have to overspend or disconnect from the issues at hand. Nowadays, you can find accessories at every store front window. It may not call into action what many millennials are seeing as the change of wind, but the amazing thing about fashion is that only a person could make it alright. To wear or use accessories that seem to beckon not only a trend, but summarizes the whole deal of peacefulness within.

       This is why at Liore’s Premium Cork, you will not only find products that shows sustainability but a freedom to wear whatever you want. You can select from cork handbags, vegan bags, jewelry and footwear. The spirit of Liore’s Premium Cork is set to be released because at Liore’s Premium Cork, there is no where else you will find luxurious sustainable fashion and accessories. At Liore’s, you arrived at somewhere special.

        With this, you can understand this quote:

“Fashion can be a universal player in protecting the planet. Fashion is certainly a huge part of everybody’s lives. You wear it every day and for some people it’s a status symbol, or a statement of how much they have spent on clothes, or it’s a means of expressing their identity and who they are.” —Pharrell Williams in Ecouterre article “Pharrell Williams: ‘Fashion Can be a Player in Protecting the Planet.'”

Because all in all, we are fashion and we can begin to live again in our fashion choices. Living a green life, it is not intense, but a fraction of what we need to share to making this world great. If we didn’t have that same piece of mind, we will all be lost in the debate or challenges that can sometimes can break us or lift us. It all depends on the cause.



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