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Handmade Cork Backpacks Collection

Elegant Designer Handmade Backpacks Made of Natural 100% Portuguese Cork

Beautiful handmade cork backpacks made in southern Portugal. These vegan backpacks are made with highly durable genuine cork which prevents staining and makes these handmade bags resistant to water. These stylish eco-friendly backpacks and back to school bags are also fire resistant due to a substance they contain called, "suberin". These backpacks are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Handmade and designed in Portugal with natural 100% Portuguese cork, our vegan eco-friendly backpacks and back to school bags are statements in the style. They are hand crafted with precision and passion from all natural cork in Portugal. Look trendy and feel good with our vegan bags – they reflect your commitment towards environment protection and sustainability.

Cork Backpack Collection

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